Biology Related Artwork

I drew this image for the logo for the Invertebrate Sound and Vibration meeting that I co-organized in Glasgow, Scotland, Summer 2013.


A drawing of my pet mantid cleaning herself after she finished eating a moth.

As a Graduate student at the University of Georgia, I had pet praying mantids.  They were against UGAs rival schools!

A drawing of a parasitic wasp, eating spiders (real molts).

At the University of Cincinnati I drew the logo we used for shirts.  This image represents the majority of the life researched.

University of Cincinnati

As part of the Strand Lab, I drew a cartoon representing all of the members.

For George Uetz’s 30th year as a lab party, I made a mobile of his academic family web.  He, the large spider with real spider molts for his beard, in the center with photos and spiders of all of his offspring.