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PhD, 2010, University of Cincinnati, Biological Sciences
Master, 2006, University of Georgia, Entomology
Bachelor, 2002, University of Colorado,
Major:  Environmental, Populational, Organismal Biology;
Minor: Biochemistry


After many years as a research biologist I am now a full time Science Communicator  #SciComm #SciArt

Now my focus is using my scientific and communication experiences to engage the public with science and scientists with the public. 

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss opportunities with me; I am interested.

See for my business website.

Explaining topics to the level of the audience is VERY important.  In some cases that is using the cultivated scientific terms that pedantically mean a precise connotation.  However, many times stories and analogies are better ways to express the ideas.  It is not dumbing it down but instead speaking to the audience.

I have several video and written examples on this website where I use nonscientific language to explain my research.

This is a trailer for a full 40 min special about a coronavirus researcher’s 2020 year.

For information about the vaccines, please watch the special interview.
For more information about the coronavirus see two educational videos:
What is a coronavirus? and Destroying Coronavirus


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