Invited Talks and Seminars

2021 Spring                         Graduate Student Panal Discussion, Arizona State University
2018 Spring                         Northeast Region Environmental Acoustics Group
2017 Spring                         Polytec Technical Seminar
2016 Fall                              Pierce’s Disease Symposium
2013 Fall                              University of Oxford, Animal Behaviour Group
2013 Spring                         University of Berlin, Neurophysiology Group, Institute for Biology
2012 Spring                         University of Cambridge, Neurophysiology Group, Dept. of Zoology
2011 Summer                     University of California, Berkeley, Physiology and Behavior Group
2010 Fall                              University of Dundee, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Scotland, U.K.


Presenting Author

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)                     2018 (Minneapolis)

Biotremology                                                            2016 (Italy)

International Congress of Neuroethology           2014 (Japan), 2012 (Maryland)

Invertebrate Sound and Vibration                        2013 (Scotland), 2011 (Missouri), 2009 (France)

Animal Behaviour Society                                       2010* (William & Mary, Virginia)

American Arachnology Society                              2009 (Arkansas), 2008 (Berkeley, California)

International Society of Behavioral Ecology        2008 (Cornell, New York)

Entomological Society of America                        2005 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), 2003 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Developmental Biology (S.E. Branch)                   2005 (Athens, Georgia)

Georgia Entomological Society                              2005 (Athens, Georgia)

Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology   2001 (Chicago, Illinois)

Secondary Author

Invertebrate Sound and Vibration                       2015* (Toronto) 2013 (Scotland)

International Congress of Neuroethology         2012 (Maryland)

Animal Behaviour Society                                     2011* (Bloomington, Indiana)

American Arachnology Society                             2011* (Portland, Oregon), 2009 (Arkansas)


Listening to the Wild                                              2013 (London, United Kingdom)

Physics meets Biology                                           2012* (Oxford, United Kingdom)

Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior                        2008 (Lexington, Kentucky)

* Indicates unable to attend

Example Seminar

This is a technical talk I gave at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) conference in May 2018.  The talk was part of the Plant Bioacoustics session.  The research talk covers work that focuses on the insect call as it is transmitted along a plant.

* Note, in the beginning of the talk there are a few technical glitches and one can see how I cope with them.