Teaching and Mentoring

Instructor                                       California State University
2021 Fall                                         @Monterey Bay:  Agricultural Entomology
2020 Spring                                    @Fresno:  General Entomology

Instructor                                       University of Strathclyde
2012 & 2013, Spring                     Writing for the Public
Develop, teach, and grade workshop course for PhD students

Assistant Instructor                     University of Strathclyde
Spring 2012-Winter 2014            Vertically Integrated Project: Systems Biology of Polarized Growth
Ongoing undergraduate interdisciplinary course combining Mathematics & Statistics, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, and Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences; aid in course development/running

Guest Lecturer                               Dartmouth College
2014, Fall                                       “Spider Niche Construction” Organisms that Change their World
2014, Spring                                 “Communication Networks” in Animal Communication course

                                                         University of Cincinnati
2010, Spring                                 “Arthropod hearing” in Sensory Physiology course
2009, Fall                                      “Thermoregulation” in Animal Physiology course
2009, Winter                                “Insect diversity” in Invertebrate Zoology course

Lab Instructor                               University of Cincinnati
2010, Winter                                  Invertebrate Zoology Lab: Bio 520
2009, Fall                                        Genetics Lab: Bio 302
2009, Winter                                  Cell Biology Lab: Bio 301
2006 – 2008                                   General Biology Lab: Bio 111, 112, 113

Assisted Mentoring of Graduate Students
2014 – 2015            A. Vacca, Ph.D. Student, Dartmouth College
2010 – 2014            D. Mackie, Ph.D. Student (assisted mentoring as a postdoc at U. of Strathclyde)
2010 – 2012            H. Moir, Ph.D. Student (assisted mentoring as a postdoc at U. of Strathclyde)

Undergraduate Student Supervision (Direct) Project

2017, Jun-Aug         J. Ochoa+#, Research student:  Field trials of insect calls in citrus
2017 April –            M. Wilson#, Student worker & researcher:          Colony maintenance plus
2016, Feb-Aug        N. Sandoval#, Research student:    Analysis of calls for interference study
2016, Summer        R. Perez+#, Upward Bound student:            Grapevine signal transmission
2015-2016               M. Escoto#, Student worker:            Colony maintenance (plant & animal)
2015-2016               M. Fujioka+, Part-time employee       Colony maintenance (plant & animal)
2014, Summer        E. Murillo, Full time research assistant Neural analysis, colony care
2014, Spring           S. O’Neal, Student worker Cricket and moth colony maintenance
2012 – 2013            T. Parry, 4th year honors student Directional sound reception of locusts
2012, Summer        V. Phillips+, Summer internship: Age/hearing study
2012, Summer        Z. Longwe+#, Summer internship: Resilin/hearing study
2011, Summer        Y. Zhang+#, Summer student: Project presentation
2010, Summer        C. Wang+#, Summer student: Creating electrodes, presentation
2009                         J. Diersing+; paid laboratory assistant: Spider maintenance, plus
2009, Spring           G. Hinks+; undergrad. student research: Behavior trials, plus
2009, Spring           L. Hodge#; undergrad. student research: Mating trials, plus
2008, Summer        L. Maynard+; REU student: Silk deposition study, plus
2008, Spring           C. Hartzel; Capstone student project: Silk deposition study
2008, Spring           K. Plott+; Capstone student project: Substrate mating trials
2007 – 2010            J. Allen; paid laboratory assistant: Spider maintenance, plus
2000, Summer        High school interns conducting field research in Costa Rica
+ indicates females, # indicates minority or international students