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I drew these images as part of a Massive Science article I wrote about the benefits of eating insects.

Artwork by Shira D. Gordon

This Artwork page contains some science related artwork as well as a few other pieces and videos.

Images from my Eating Insects video

This is a video entry for the Sony Alpha Female Fellowship Challenge.  While not selected, I am still very proud of the work I created.

I am looking for collaborators who want to work with me, support me, and/or hire me.

This digital art was created as a gift for my sister-in-law of my niece.

These are some images from an upcoming book chapter about glassy-wing sharpshooter mating.  We measured their vibrations in grape vines using their own song as a way to control the population.

“Elephant Art–7 views”

These are 5 of 7 pieces making up the whole of an elephant.  Each one of these is created by pen and ink.  All pieces except the eye are 18″ x 23″

Postcard or larger size reprints are available for purchase, please inquire.

I drew this image for the logo for the Invertebrate Sound and Vibration meeting that I co-organized in Glasgow, Scotland, Summer 2013.

Art Adventures in Acoustics, by Shira D. Gordon

A submission to the 2018 Acoustical Society of America:  Gallery of Acoustics.

In “Art Adventures in Acoustics” I recorded people with different accents saying “acoustics” and displayed their spectrograms.  A spectrogram plays sound in real time (x-axis) with the frequency component (y-axis) and intensity information (z-axis) in a rich display of colors.  I used Adobe Audition to create the files, which is one of the main programs I use to analyze insect vibrations for my research. Next, I broke each word down by syllable comparing the different accents and voices directly.  In this manner, one can see the minute differences that we easily hear. The final portion of the video uses the sound—drawn out—to create a visual “A” “C” “O” “U” “S” “T” “I” “C” and let people hear how missing some of the frequency components changes the sound.  In my research, I appreciate the beauty of how the natural sounds look with the extra layers of information. The harmonics in human voices inspired me to create this project for the Acoustical Society of America Gallery of Acoustics.


A drawing of my pet mantid cleaning herself after she finished eating a moth.

As a Graduate student at the University of Georgia, I had pet praying mantids.  They were against UGAs rival schools!

Inspired by thinking about filming and what the lens sees, this time lapse video shows the creation of “Behind the Lens” using colored pencil and oil pastels.

Journey with me as I draw in permanent marker, oil pastels, and water colors.  Each min of video is 30 min of actual art time.

A drawing of a parasitic wasp, eating spiders (real molts).

Rhythms of the Ocean

The Cat in the Hat is a stage production I preformed in at Fresno State in 2017 as Thing 2.

At the University of Cincinnati I drew the logo we used for shirts.  This image represents the majority of the life researched.

University of Cincinnati

As part of the Strand Lab, I drew a cartoon representing all of the members.

For George Uetz’s 30th year as a lab party, I made a mobile of his academic family web.  He, the large spider with real spider molts for his beard, in the center with photos and spiders of all of his offspring.